little ol me

I just wanted to tell you some of my background.

I grew up in the diverse town of Eureka Springs where I learned geospatial analysis. After graduating from high school I moved to Springfield, Mo, to attend the academy of hair design for cosmetology. While attending school I worked at wet seal clothing retail. After graduating from cosmetology school I moved Rogers, Ar where I got a job at Dillard's. Working for Dillard's I have been a fragrance specialist, a  Lancome beauty advisor, and simply a sales associate.

I have a huge obsession with cosmetics, with Fashion in a close second, which is why, when thinking of what to write on my blog, both things come to mind. I really want this blog to focus on fashion for girls my age, my size, who have a hard time finding clothing that matches to the people who inspire them. Living in what would seem like the middle of no where, you either end up driving 3 hours to shop or shopping online, which becomes a huge pain. You end up not enjoying fashion because you don't have the access like others do. With this blog I want to show ladies that they can find cute trendy clothing without having to plan a vacation around a shopping trip.

I also want to post make up tutorial and tips/tricks I have learned, but I think this will come later on when I get a steady hand on this.

I hope you will enjoy my blog and always give me feedback to let me know what you think!!